Baruch Step Bridges 2013

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Bridge Testing and Final Day Pictures!

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Bridge Testing Convocation

We Made It! Bridges that is!

We have finally arrived at the culmination of our Summer program.  After four weeks of hard work and even more fun we are ready to test our bridges.  After a lunch of pizza courtesy  of Brian and the STEP program we were ready to test the bridges.  Will they hold Wayne’s weight? Will the collapse in a splendid cacophony of splintering wood? Now was the time to find out.  Seven bridges entered – but how many would leave.

As your instructor for the last month I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  We had many laughs together and learned a lot about engineering ideas and where they come from.  We grew up from detailed plans, to modified plans, to designing our own plans.  We built tall towers, strong towers, catapults, race cars and bridges.  We traveled to the Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park.  I hope that you all had as much fun as I did.

Each year is unique and each student that I teach is also unique.  This crew was no different.  You’re enthusiasm and hard work confirm that I made the right choice in becoming a teacher.  I had a great Summer but just like you I’m also looking forward to relaxing in August.  Best of luck in all you do – now lets commence with the smashing (I mean testing) of the bridges.

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Bridge Building Pictures

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